Welcome to miambu, an experimental and research studio for new aesthetics and products. We worked with the talent and minutia of various artisans but also with the power and vision of many artists, musicians, dreamers...

We got deep into some ancestral techniques and even created new ones. It’s time create exclusive and timeless objects!

We go around the sun to develop our collections, and use all the elements that need the sun to survive for our inspiration: PLANTS, HUMANS AND ANIMALS.


mi.am.bu is a social project. we are in between contemporary creativity and pure crafts. We aim to connect emerging art talents with ancient techniques. Supporting mi.am.bu is to support creativity, tradition and culture!


nature is our main inspiration. we dream about lost tribes and untouched tropical forests , desert beaches and infinite waves , wild animals and fresh fruits , sunrises and sunsets, … mi.am.bu designs objects that carry this jungle feeling to a real urban context promoting a pacific and nomadic lifestyle.


we create pieces that value the wild life and savageness behind it. the animals are a big part of the spirit of our jewels and you can feel that energy!